Youth Programs - Little Champs and Juniors

Lane County's only Certified Bully Proof Program

We are proud here at McKenzie Martial Arts, to offer the most unique and fun approach to youth martial arts you will ever see. You WILL see a very active class, not kids standing around waiting their turn. You will NOT find another school/dojo that offers more classes for the appropriate age of your child. This format allows the child to grow at the proper pace and this ensures SAFETY.

Please read our 3 philosophies below on why McKenzie Martial Arts runs the most professional program you will find

#1.    ALL CLASSES ARE TAUGHT BY THE HEAD INSTRUCTORS: While it is a common practice in the Martial Arts world to put teenagers, apprentice and assistant instructors in charge of a Youth Program, we pride ourselves on all of our students receiving the best instruction. This will ensure that all of our members are being instructed in the safest atmosphere possible.

#2    WE ARE NOT A BELT BUYING PROGRAM: We do not support any styles that promote “black belts” to 10 year olds. We have a very unique ranking system that does not promote a false security. Belts, rankings and certificates truly feel earned at our school. Parents are proud of the hard work and dedication their child has put in. It should not cost you $100's for rankings. Don't be scammed!

#3    MORE THAN SELF DEFENSE: All of our staff members are just like you. We have families too, and we are always looking out for what is best for our children. This is how we approach Martial Arts. We stress in each of our classes the importance of: respect for yourself and others, school work, courage, how to win and lose graciously, bully encounters, emergency escapes and many more character building aspects of martial arts that will help them grow into functioning teens and adults.

As a Gracie Certified Training Center our youth program embodies many of the teaching methods of the Gracie BULLYPROOF program. Click here to find out more about the Gracie BULLYPROOF program.



Jeet Kune Do - Gracie Jiu Jitsu - Muay Thai - Kali - Wing Chun - Silat - MMA  

Modern Martial Arts you can be proud of




Little Champs - Ages 4-7 

This is the Skills Building Program. We emphasize the "Self Perfection" side to Jeet Kune Do. This allows the kids to develop as athletes. Our drills and games will prepare them to graduate to the next level class.

Kids at this stage of training will learn basic positions and footwork from arts such as Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing and Jun Fan Gung Fu. We also cover important aspects of "child abduction defense". Drills, games and some light grappling is to be expected from this class.




Juniors - Ages 8-12 

The Juniors program is a very unique time in the child's martial arts career.  Kids MUST know how to safely protect themselves in a bully situation. Gracie Jiu-Jitsu has an amazing effect on people's confidence, and that alone can help from being picked on at school. 

Attribute development such as speed, timing and agility is one of the cornerstones of Bruce Lee's training methods. We use traditional drills from arts such as Muay Thai Kickboxing and the ancient art of Filipino Kali. Both these arts fit perfectly alongside a strong base in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu.

We keep true to Bruce's philosophy of keeping an open mind. This prevents us from ever growing stale in the martial arts. A few other arts we will explore in this program are: Judo, Sambo, Savate, Western Boxing, Freestyle and Greco Roman Wrestling and the many different arts of the Philippines.