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Birthday Party!

A martial arts Birthday Party is a fun and unique idea for your child's special day. Our goal is that the birthday girl/boy will have the most  fun filled and action packed day. The kids will participate in some of our most popular class games: crab soccer, tag games, our class favorite SUMO and many more!  Every party is run by our owner/head instructor, Coach Adam. His ability to mentor and work with children is outstanding.
What to provide?
We supply lessons, game mediation, overall party supervision and Clean UP! 2 large tables and 1 card table--you supply the rest. Here are some recommended party supplies:
  • Decorations (optional)
  • 2 Table cloths (8ft long)
  • Paper plates
  • Plastic Utensils
  • Napkins  
  • Box drinks (Juice box) 
  • Cake, candles, matches
  • Self-contained ice cream cups
  • Other food/snacks


Price Options:
Prices are for a party of 12 GUESTS (not including birthday child) Add $5. for each extra guest.
1 1/2 - 2 hours
Members: $125.
Non-Members: $150.
Birthday kid will receive a FREE MMA Gift

Bring a disposable tablecloth large enough to accommodate all the children that can be quickly rolled up and disposed of--cookies, cake, drink boxes and all!  

Drinks should be in boxes with plastic straws. Please don't bring cups to drink out of, they almost always spill and clean up can be a distraction and hold up the party.


If you are serving food, we suggest having pizza delivered for ultimate ease and cleanup. Some parents order pizza others don't. It's your call. We are next to many different food choices and our neighboor is a Mexican restaurant.


Please tell us how many kids will be attending prior to the party. 12-15 kids is a great number for this party. We will provide waivers. You can pass them out weeks ahead of time or fill them out the day of the party.


We are excited that you will be joining us for your Birthday Party.  Kids have told us that this is the most fun party they have ever been to, and that is our goal.
 MMA parties are not just for kid Birthdays.
Think of us for: Adult Birthday, Office Party, Girls Night Out,
School Field Trips, Cub Scouts/Girl Scouts... you name it, an 
MMA Party is the way to go! 
Thank you.


Party's can be booked for Fridays 6pm or afterSaturdays 1pm and after and Sundays ANY TIME. The earlier the better for rentals, but do not hesitate to call last minute. We are here to help you.


05/10/2014 - MOM'S DAY WORKSHOP

07/14/2014 - SUMMER CAMP

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