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 Kick-Fit Bootcamp

This is not your typical cardio class.

 Students wear real boxing gloves and each student uses their own punching bag while learning Muay Thai Kickboxing skills.

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!
With Kick-Fit, not only will you get a great workout, you'll also develop real boxing and kickboxing skills from a variety of Martial Arts including Thai Boxing, Western Boxing and Bruce Lee's Kickboxing routine (Jun Fan Gung Fu). You'll learn valuable skills as you get into optimal shape. You'll improve your boxing and kickboxing ability including your punching, kicking and kneeing technique as well as your footwork and body mechanics as well as professional Kickboxing combinations. The secret of  our KICK-Fit  class is that the drills designed by our world class instructors will help you reach your fitness goals and improve your skills while having a great time. It feels good to know you are getting fit and developing expertise that could potentially be used in a self-defense situation if you or your loved ones were ever threatened.
"No smelly gyms, no goofy dance routines and forget the latest muscle confusing gimicks... Just a fun way to sweat, get in shape and learn some techniques that could be used in real life." Tristyne H. (age 36)
  • Burn lots of calories quickly - 900 calories
  • Strengthen every major muscle group
  • Meet new friends that enjoy exercising
  • Relieve stress and feel great!
Tone Up!
KICK-Fit Bag Workouts are a great way to tone up, develop lean long muscle and have the kind of physique that we all want to have. You'll be amazed at how quickly your body changes and your body fat percentage drops. The secret of KICK-Fit  is a combination of drills and exercises utilizing a stationary punching bag that provide you with cardiovascular exercise and resistance training simultaneously. These drills are designed to give you a total body workout that targets the problem areas of the body like the mid-section, legs, arms and buttocks.
"Fitness Fact"
Calories burned per 1 HOUR
Kick-Fit = 900
Jogging = 500
Walking = 240
Bicycling = 425
No better time than now....
                        No better place than here!!!
There is no experience necessary to join our KICK-Fit program and best of all, our classes are "go at your own pace." That means that whether you're a beginner or a fitness fanatic, you'll get exactly the workout you need to achieve your goals.

What makes our program so successful is our team of friendly, professional instructors and our clean, state of the art training facility.

The only thing we're missing is you!

Are you ready to say "hello" to a stronger, more fit body? 
 Kick-Fit uses a Punch Card system. Boxing gloves may be borrowed or purchased at the front desk.

Call or come on in for your FREE TRIAL CLASS!


Tues/Thurs: Women Only @ 9:15AM
M/W/F: Morning and Evening Class for everyone

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