KICKBOXING: Muay Thai Kickboxing, Filipino Boxing, Conditioning 

Women’s Kickboxing: students will learn the basics of Muay Thai, Filipino Boxing, Boxing and how to correctly throw punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Our students improve quickly and soon you will start to learn basic combinations and the art of hitting and holding focus mitts. This type if training is the best way to safely get in shape and stay strong. All of our techniques are also part of our self defense program. 

We have drills for beginner, intermediate and advanced students as they progress from week to week. 

Each student will build a fundamental foundation:

  • Supervised Heavy Bag drills

  • Shadow Boxing

  • Strength and Conditioning

  • Endless drills from multiple striking systems

  • Partner drills for all levels

Safety is our number one concern in all of our classes.

We have a very friendly atmosphere and our goal is that everyone improves at their own pace safely.


Kickboxing: M/W/F  Classes @ 9:15 AM

Students wear real boxing gloves and each student uses their own punching bag

Get in the Best Shape of Your Life!

With our unique Kickboxing Program, not only will you get a great workout, you'll also develop real boxing and kickboxing skills from a variety of Martial Arts including Thai Boxing, Western Boxing and Bruce Lee's Kickboxing routine (Jun Fan Gung Fu). You'll learn valuable skills as you get into optimal shape. You'll improve your boxing and kickboxing ability including your punching, kicking and kneeing technique as well as your footwork and body mechanics as well as professional Kickboxing combinations. The secret of our Kickboxing class is that the drills designed by our world class instructors will help you reach your fitness goals and improve your skills while having a great time. It feels good to know you are getting fit and developing expertise that could potentially be used in a self-defense situation if you or your loved ones were ever threatened.

> Burn lots of calories quickly - 900 calories
> Strengthen every major muscle group
> Meet new friends that enjoy exercising
> Relieve stress and feel great!

Take a look at some shadow boxing techniques and the art of Thai Boxing. JKD Kickboxing will utilize these techniques and many more while using Heavy Bags, Focus mitts and functional partner drills.

A sample of one of our inspirations, Erik Paulson and 2 of Guru Inosanto's students.

Muay Thai is known as the the Art of 8 Limbs. 

This is the cleanest gym I have ever been to. No goofy dance routines, no gimmicky cross fitness class. Just a fun way to sweat and learn amazing techniques that could be used in real life. I feel like a bad ass!
— Kristen H. 38 years old

Kickboxing classes have the option of using a Punch Card. Around $7 per class. Come in for your FREE TRIAL and we will help you figure out the best deal for you and your schedule.