Jeet Kune Do -Gracie jiu jitsu- Filipino Kali ( self defense)

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Guro Inosanto & Sigung Bruce Lee

Guro Inosanto & Sigung Bruce Lee

Guro Inosanto & Coach Adam

Guro Inosanto & Coach Adam

Ryron Gracie, Coach Adam, Rener Gracie: Eugene, Oregons only Certified Training Center

Ryron Gracie, Coach Adam, Rener Gracie: Eugene, Oregons only Certified Training Center

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Combative Fighting Concepts: Combining martial culture and revolutionary minds...
— Coach Adam - Senior Instructor

Students will be carefully guided through a curriculum at a safe and steady pace. We have a very unique training vibe at MMA. All instructors and students are here to help you improve physically and mentally.  This is not a fight club or gladiator school. We train smart. 

Discover the true essence of Bruce Lee's training methods. Learn for yourself why Bruce Lee is called the "Godfather of MMA".


  • Jun Fan Gung Fu: The original base system of what eventually became Bruce Lee's personal expression, Jeet Kune Do

  • Inosanto Blend: Learn Guro Dan Inosanto curriculum and drills. The most knowledgable martial artist on the planet.

  • Paul Vunak's R.A.T. System & Filthy MMA

  • PFS: Most current and up to date training.

  • Silat, Indonesian Arts, South East Asian Arts


  • Contemporary Jeet Kune Do: Includes Military Edged Weapons, MMA Matrix, SEAL Team 6 Training Drills.

  • Sport Training Models: Thai Boxing, Jiu Jitsu, Western Boxing, Submission Grappling.

  • Gracie Jiu Jitsu: Original self defense system from Helio Gracie.

  • JKD Blend: The entire JKD Gameplan and all 4 ranges of combat. "The Flow".

McKenzie Martial Arts Instructors are Ranked/Certified under

 Dan Inosanto - The most knowledgable martial artist in the world

This program is geared for street oriented self-defense. It is founded in Jeet Kune Do concepts developed by the late Sifu Bruce Lee, and passed on by Guru Dan Inosanto. We are dedicated to keeping the spirit and legacy of Bruce Lee's training methods alive (which means we are constantly researching and exploring the most functional training methods to produce the best martial artist you can be) . Our curriculum is based around realistic and common self defense situations using all four ranges of fighting: Kicking, Punching, Trapping and Grappling. 

Sifu Vunak w/ SEAL Team 6

Sifu Vunak w/ SEAL Team 6

Guru Inosanto w/ Sifu Vunak

Guru Inosanto w/ Sifu Vunak



Contemporary Jeet Kune Do uses specific drills and techniques that allow the body to develop and improve as an athlete. Coordination, timing, reflexes, speed and footwork can be improved in all of us.

  • Wing Chun & Filipino Energy Drills

  • Bruce Lee's Attribute Drills (for all ages and abilities)

  • Weapons: All 12 areas of Filipino Kali

  • Close Quarter Trapping- Kali/Wrestling/Dumog/Thai Boxing/Silat


This concept revolves around situations that are life and death. Bruce Lee's training was geared for a street fight. Someone bigger and stronger. MMA uses drills to prepare you for the worst case scenario. Killer instinct, explosive reaction time and emotional control are all qualities we must master.

  • Rapid Assault Tactics - Training that was first developed using Navy SEALs

  • Military Edged Weapons/ Law Enforcement Tactical Training

  • Kino Mutai & Gracie Jiu Jitsu (How to survive a bigger/stronger attacker)

  • Multiple Opponent Drills

  • Paul Vunak's "Filthy MMA" and the original Progressive Fighting Systems curriculum

"Staying in the forefront of self defense training..."

This is a difficult thing to do when you are an instructor/master/sensei, because of years of tradition that MUST be taught in the dojo. Contemporary Jeet Kune Do is the only complete self defense system that can adapt and modify for the constantly changing world we live in.

Bruce Lee was not a "tournament" or "point scoring" martial artist. Bruce was only concerned with a real street fight. Simple. We are not bound and limited to one style or have an agenda to promote one single art.



We pride ourselves on being the elite instructors for our area. We do NOT believe in "weekend Krav Maga instructor courses" or Traditional Karate and Tae Kwon Do instructors teaching "MMA" and "Ground Fighting" as part of their course. We want you to KNOW that we are certified in the arts we teach and have been teaching street self defense for over 20 years. This is not a fad, we are here to empower our community.

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