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Frequently Asked Questions:


When do you enroll students?
We enroll year round. There are no enrollment periods ó you may start at any time.


Can family members come watch the class?

Yes. We encourage it. We provide a very comfortable area to watch classes and we even have a special play area for the younger siblings.


Are you going to pressure me to sign up at my free trial?
We guarantee a no-pressure free trial. We will let you know how you did after youíre finished with class and give you the room you need to ask more questions or take time to look over the information and think about everything.


Do you offer long or short term memberships?

We offer both. Come visit our school and we will show you all the different programs we offer. We have Month-to-Month programs all the way up to 1 Year programs. We will figure out which plan is best for you and your time/budget.


Iím not sure if martial arts is right for meÖ
We understand that beginning a new activity, especially martial arts, can cause anxiety. The truth is that you donít have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great. Take the leap, itís worth it. 


How many times a week do you recommend we attend?
We like to see students at least twice a week. Of course, if you can attend more than that youíll be even better off. But remember, one is better than none!


What is Jeet Kune Do? I thought Bruce Lee was an actor!
Though most people remember Bruce for revolutionizing martial arts film, Bruce was also creating a revolutionary approach to martial arts training. Jeet Kune Do (JKD) is unique because we train MANY different arts- NOT just one single art like karate or tae kwon do. You will be exposed to amazing training methods even in your first FREE trial class. JKD allows us to be prepared for any self defense situation and we train the most modern combat sports.


Can I try now and start later?
Once youíve done your free trial and youíre ready, then we are ready!


Every Martial Arts school I see has Ranking/Belt Tests...Do you?

Absolutley NOT. Charging extra money for ranking, tests and certificates goes against everything Bruce Lee and Jeet Kune Do stands for. You pay your hard earned money for a monthly fee, why should you have to pay more? It is actually common practice in the martial arts to charge HUNDREDS of dollars more each month for these "ranks". We actually give you FREE in house tournaments and parties!!!


PRICE/TUITION: Our prices are based on how many days a week you would like to train AND how many months you sign up for. We have many price options to fit everyone's budget and commitment level. Programs range from $45-around $100 per month. Kick-FIT Bootcamp and Women's Self Defense classes use a Punch Card System.

Come in for a FREE TRIAL LESSON and we can help find a program for you and your family.


If you have more questions please feel free to call or email:




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07/14/2014 - SUMMER CAMP

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